PLM partnered with Walmart to launch their first ever “Author Recommends Program” to coincide with the paperback release of Nicholas Sparks’s SEE ME.  PLM worked with Nicholas to choose six books that he wanted to recommend to fans, one of which was the debut novel, THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY by PLM client Leigh Himes.  

TOTGA shelftalker

Above: THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY shelftalker

After Nicholas wrote a short blurb on each book, PLM worked with Walmart to create and design individualized shelftalkers for each title that included his quote, author photo, and signature.  

In Store Display

Above:  Walmart store shelftalker placement

1,500 stores featured all 6 recommended titles with shelftalker (all 6 titles were brought in specifically for this program so they were new to Walmart) as well as multiple facings of SEE ME in paperback.  PLM also worked with to create a dedicated landing page including the 6 recommended titles as well as 30 additional titles Nicholas recommended.  

Homepage NS recommends

Above: Walmart homepage placement

In addition to recommendations, the landing page included SEE ME in paperback, pre-order messaging for Nicholas’s upcoming hardcover TWO BY TWO, and all backlist books written by Nicholas Sparks.  

Memorable Books Banner

Above: Walmart website banner

Walmart Nicholas Sparks Books & Movies

Above: Walmart Nicholas Sparks backlist promotion

PLM also worked with to secure an email blast to 6 million customers promoting the program as well as social posts from other authors and publishers that were included.

Email Blast 

Above: Walmart circular ad 

NS Walmart Facebook

NS Walmart Instagram Post

Above: Nicholas Sparks social platforms promotion

PLM worked with Nicholas to film a special video telling customers about the program that went up on Walmart's landing page.