Abbey Lahey, a working mother of two struggling to make ends meet on the outskirts of Philadelphia, wonders whether the sometimes wearying grind she faces after 8 years of marriage to her landscaper husband truly reflects the life she was meant to lead. When a freak accident catapults her inexplicably into a parallel existence, Abbey comes to discover the pleasures and pitfalls of the Road Not Taken. Now married instead to Alex van Holt, a handsome scion of the Philadelphia Main Line, Abbey finds herself living a life of privilege and ease, the picture-perfect complement to her ambitious husband, who is in the final throes of his Congressional campaign. Yet even as Abbey revels in the luxuries of time and money that her newfound "alternate" life offers, she finds herself puzzling over some of the mysteries of Abbey van Holt''s life and trying to pinpoint when, exactly, Abbey Lahey''s life and marriage somehow lost their way. As Election Day looms, her quest to make sense of her two life trajectories—each with its own hidden costs and moments of joy—will drive her to take increasingly dramatic steps to reclaim the "real" Abbey . . . whoever that may be. And in doing so, she will come to realize that sometimes the very dreams we chase lead us far from the shores of who we truly are.