Every year Debbie Macomber finds a word to motivate her, and this year's word--"joy"--inspired her latest venture, the Debbie Macomber Blessings Box. Debbie wanted to find another way to spread joy to all her fans, and so PLM partnered with Zinepak and Debbie Macomber Inc. to curate a specially crafted gift box containing items meant to be a blessing to her fans and inspire others.

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  • Create a limited edition gift box on behalf of Debbie for her super fans
  • Use the gift box to continue extending Debbie Macomber's brand beyond publishing 


Debbie Macomber strives to recognize and appreciate the blessings in her life. Debbie wanted to share the feeling of joy with her fans, and so the PLM team worked with Debbie and her team to develop the idea for the Blessings Box. 

To create the Blessings Box, PLM executives Emily Sweet, Andrea Mai, and Alex Greene introduced Debbie Macomber Inc. to ZinePak, a company known for connecting brands with their fans in innovative and exciting ways. Zinepak then worked with both teams to find vendors and brands, and then ultimately products that best fit Debbie and what her fans are looking for. 

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The Contents

  • Tote Bag, Tea and Candle Set, Exclusive Recipes, Jam, Inspirational Print, Custom Stickers, Custom Pen, & Custom Journal  - PLM worked closely with Zinepak and Debbie Macomber Inc. to create unique and exciting products including recipes, developed exclusively for the box, a journal with personal stories, photos and reflection from Debbie, a tote bag, and frameable print with quotes very special to Debbie. 

BB Journal

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Blessing Box Contents


PLM worked with Debbie Macomber Inc. to develop an official landing page on where her fans can order the Blessings Box directly. 

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Marketing & Sweepstakes

PLM and Debbie Macomber Inc. worked with Random House to run a giveaway of the Blessing Box along with Debbie's Spring 2017 novel, IF NOT FOR YOU. Fans who had not yet purchased a Blessings Box entered to win one of another 50 advance copies of IF NOT FOR YOU upon purchase. 

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Random House also hosted their own Blessings Box giveaway, and included copies of Debbie's newest Christmas book, TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS

12 Days of Christmas BB Giveaway

Charitable Component

A portion of the proceeds from the Blessing Box will be donated to World Vision, an organization near and dear to Debbie's heart. 

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