NY Mag Emily Anthes

We're sending our biggest congratulations to Emily Anthes, who has won an NASW Science in Society award for her work on a New York Times Magazine piece, "The Mystery of the Wasting House-Cats." This article, detailing a longtime veterinary mystery and its potential repercussions for human health, is an excellent read—check it out here!

Here's what the judges at NASW have to say about Emily's article: 

“Here’s a cat story on the Internet worth reading. This is a delightful look into the lives of hyperthyroid cats and the deeply curious veterinarians caring for them. Anthes writes so well and so succinctly, showing how this increasingly common condition may arise from abundant flame retardants in our homes. It’s a novel way to explore the potential human health impacts of PBDEs: an epidemiological investigation across two species, described clearly and with irresistible detail.”

You can learn more about the award, which honors science writers who perform "investigative or interpretive reporting about the sciences and their impact on society," on the NASW website