Happy Pub Day to Emily Giffin's riveting new novel, ALL WE EVER WANTED! In this story, three very different people must choose between their families and their values, when one photograph, snapped in a drunken moment at a party, changes everything. We are so excited that this book is finally in the world and that you all get to read it!

Take a look at some of the amazing praise ALL WE EVER WANTED has been getting:

  • "Giffin's plot touches on social class and misogyny while delivering an excellent page-turning story. This satisfying novel will appeal to readers looking for a nuanced, thoughtful take on family and social dynamics." —Publishers Weekly, starred review
  • "Giffin captures the complexity of Nina's emotions: Her maternal instincts to protect her son war against her feminist alliance with the wronged Lyla; her wistful memories of her beloved little boy wrestle with her outrage at his racist, sexist, and increasingly devious young adult behavior; and her carefully constructed sense of family fractures against her realization that Kirk may not be the husband, father, or man she thought he was. A compelling portrait of a woman facing the difficult limits of love." —Kirkus Reviews
  • "There are losses in “All We Ever Wanted,” but there are also gains, and not the ones you might expect. Giffin’s novel has style and substance — a worthy addition to your summer reading stack.” —Washington Post
  • “Emily Giffin's irresistible All We Ever Wanted will sink its teeth into you immediately and refuse to let go until the novel's thrilling conclusion. Giffin's latest novel follows the entangled lives of three troubled people — a wealthy Nashville housewife, a struggling single dad, and his teenage daughter — and explores how one fateful night changes the course of their worlds forever.” —PopSugar
  • “A page-turning exploration of wealth and privilege.” —Entertainment Weekly
  • “A gripping, thought-provoking journey.” —­Jodi Picoult
  • “Riveting and poignant, Emily’s latest novel paints an impossible dilemma that will make readers ponder hard questions about loyalty and love. I was captivated by every page.” —Harlan Coben
  • "A timely and absorbing portrait of the complexities of modern life. This is Emily Giffin at her very best." —Kristin Hannah

Congratulations Emily on your publication and on all of these wonderful reviews -- we can't wait to hear how many more people are just as moved and absorbed by this novel as we are!

Here's a link to details of Emily's book tour, which kicked off on Friday in Charlotte, NC. PLM's Emily Sweet even got to head down to Nashville, where the book takes place, to celebrate the launch of ALL WE EVER WANTED with Emily this weekend.

eg and es in nashville

The PLM team will be cheering Emily on tonight at her NYC launch, where she'll doing a talk and Q&A with Megyn Kelly at the Union Square Barnes & Noble -- we hope you'll get the chance to see Emily speak about this timely and poignant book at one of her tour stops this summer too!